Peace Corps SAVES Helpline Services

Anonymous. All Hours. Around the World.

Callback Form

The PC SAVES Telephone Helpline provides confidential crisis intervention, support and information to Peace Corps Volunteers who have been affected by sexual assault.
The Callback feature gives you to the option to request a PC SAVES Helpline staff member call you back directly. After submitting the Callback Form above, you will receive an automated confirmation call at the phone number provided within 1-2 minutes. Once your Callback has been confirmed, you will receive a call from a support specialist within 20 minutes.

Features of this Callback service include:
  • Staffed by trained professionals
  • Available 24/7
  • We will not ask you for any personally identifying information
  • Phone calls are never stored or recorded and your phone number will be deleted from our system after the call has been dialed

NOTE: If you have submitted a Callback request and do NOT receive an automated call within 1-2 minutes, this means your number has been not been entered correctly. If this occurs, we encourage you to re-enter your phone number or reach out to the PCSAVES Helpline using a different feature such as the Online Chat, Click-to-Call, Text Us, or Call Us.

Peace Corps Sexual Assault Volunteer Education and Support (SAVES) Helpline

Anonymous. All Hours. Around the World.